Urgent Prayer Request: Attack on Christians in India

My friends in Kolkata (Calcutta) messaged me to tell me they had been in a prayer meeting in a village outside the city when a mob of 300 Hindus surrounded the house they were in and attacked them. The mob publicly humiliated my friends and beat them with bricks and rods. They are not sure how they made it out alive, but they did. The mob attacked their cab and destroyed their motorcycle as they fled. My friends went to a hospital to recover.

The event happened last week and I took to Facebook to ask for prayer and many of you responded with overwhelming support. But I wanted to post something more expanded here with the photos and subsequent updates John sent me.

Since that Facebook post, the mob returned to the believers in that village and forced them to bow down to idols and told them that John and his family were brainwashing them. Some refused to bow down – even at the threat of violence – but some did kneel down. John sent word to those that did, encouraging them that even Peter denied Jesus at one point but God’s forgiveness is bigger than their moment of weakness. Pray for these young followers of Jesus that they don’t lose hope. And pray for their attackers that they can see the love and goodness of God.

John and the Mathew family are healing well, but please pray for a speedy recovery and for much blessing on their ministry. They are laboring day-in and day-out for the good news of Jesus in India. They’ve planted several churches – many of them in slums and small villages. They’ve also pioneered many ministries for the poor and outcast in Kolkata. You can read more about my firsthand experience with their work in Kolkata here. Their lives are full of miracles and compassion. I owe you guys a few more posts about the incredible work they’re doing. It’s been a busy 12 months getting married and starting a family, but I’ll get that out soon, Lord willing.

I’ll leave you with John’s own words and some photos he sent me.

Dear brother,
Greetings in the name of Jesus.
I m glad to know you that me and my family persecuted for the glory of our God.
TUESDAY (March 10th)evening there was a cottage prayer & a believer family invited my whole family for dinner. we family along with few believer reached the place around 6pm& start worship.
After worship an Hindu religious group came & stopped the worship.
We stopped the worship & pray silently. Within another 30 minutes they called around 300 mob . The mob drag me , amma, my sister Ruth & Nilanki to the Hindu temple and asked us to bow down before the idol. They asked us to offer worship to their God the idol.
On midst of the street they humiliated us , spit on us. .They slapped Amma & the girls.
They hit on me badly with brick, stone &iron rod.
& attacked my private part.They destroy the hired car . completely destroy the motorcycle.
Although they attacked , hit me & my family we r happy because we r persecuted for the sake of our God.
After we came back , the mob attacked the believer group, destroy few of their belongs.
Please pray for us..& for all believer in that village.
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