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Trip Update

The last week has not gone according to the original plan. Initially, the plan was to spend a week in Korea with my friend Adam doing ministry. Then I was going solo to India to spend time with a family I’ve grown close to over the last 5 years, engaging in various ministry opportunities, and, …

Photos from Korea

As I mentioned in my last post, our expected ministry time in Korea has been reduced because of some scheduling conflicts. We’ve ended up with a few afternoons to enjoy this beautiful country. On Tuesday afternoon, between two large ministry sessions, we were treated to a small hike to the top of a small mountain …



Initially Adam, my friend who invited me, was invited to teach at both a YWAM Discipleship Training School and a series of meetings for a network of influential leaders (influential in Kingdom terms, that is). Unfortunately the latter opportunity didn’t work out because of scheduling conflicts.

It has been a fun week, nonetheless. We have prayed for all the students and school staff. The Holy Spirit has given us encouraging words to share with each person and it’s amazing to see how well the Lord knows his children…



Five years ago I sat on a train chugging north toward Calcutta. In my 3-month stay in India I had ridden a few trains, but this one was different. First, I didn’t need to be on it any more. The pastor I was suppose to rendezvous with in Calcutta had to cancel his travel plans last minute. This train also was stuffed well beyond capacity – holding 23 people in a 9-person compartment.

I had an incredibly uncomfortable 18-hour journey ahead of me and nothing but a host family waiting on the other end. The host family had been arranged through an Indian ministry partner.

The Christian ideal hasn't been tried and found wanting; it has been untried and found difficult.